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Studio Aperto is an online shop for those who seek to add value to their home or office with original one-of-a-kind paintings.


I was privileged to be born and raised in Edmonton Alberta in Canada: the educational system is second to none and it has served me well over the course of my life.


One of my fondest memories from that time is climbing the stairs to my art class in the Edmonton Art Gallery which at that time was in an old Victorian home on a hill downtown. I was about 10 years old and I remember I bought my first Sumi brush. I think it stuck because I had never seen bamboo before. 


I have lived in a lot of different places and countries before finally settling in Los Angeles in the mid-1980s.  I love it and its home. Los Angeles is one of the truly great creative cities in the world, but traffic is awful so please don’t move here:)


I have been painting seriously since I was 18 and it has been an evolution. The one constant in my work is progressing. It seems one form leads to another and one influence becomes another and another. I love the puzzle, the search, and the surprise of a new technique or a way of looking at a thing that sets me onto that fork in my road. Nothing is left behind, it just simply recedes a bit to offer itself up in the strangest moments and places.


I love art and love people who make art. As a rule, they are a lot of fun and while often difficult make life taste that much better,

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